Tikiboo Kids

When my daughter Alexandra was born, I spent hours shopping for delightful clothes for her, only to discover that everyone else was dressing their little princesses in the same outfits.
I was also horrified at the ‘little grownup’ approach to children’s fashion that seemed to be everywhere – I believe our little ones’ precious childhood is short enough, and something to be cherished, not rushed through on the way to adolescence.
Tired of seeing the same things everywhere I went, I called on my mum Christine, Alexandra’s doting grandmother, to create something unique for our little ‘TikiBoo’.
We spent many hours lovingly creating original outfits, originally just for Alexandra. Christine applied 40 years experience designing and creating garments, from babies booties to wedding gowns, to the task. But we got so many comments and requests that when Christine retired in 2007, the long simmering idea for our own children’s designer fashion label, TikiBoo Kids, finally boiled over into reality.
TikiBoo is proudly 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured, and that’s the way it will stay.
If you are interested in becoming a retailer of TikiBoo Kids, please complete the Wholesale Accessapplication to gain access to our e-store and view our current range available.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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The Positives of Playsuits & Jumpsuits

TThe Advantages of Playsuits & Jumpsuits 

Women who want to be stylish need to consider many different elements. It’s critical to consider comfort. It’s just as critical to consider practicality as well. Playsuits & jumpsuits have been making waves in the fashion world for women recently. If you’re a woman who is eager to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, then you may want to find out about all of the fuss. Playsuits & jumpsuits bring many different benefits to the table. There are playsuits and jumpsuits that can please women with all kinds of fashion preferences, too. Learning the advantages of Playsuits & Jumpsuits Esther & Co can be helpful to women who want to make informed clothing shopping choices. 

Playsuits & jumpsuits, first of all, can make your physique look terrific. These clothing pieces are able to highlight the waist. If you want to be able to show off a toned and contoured waist, then there aren’t many outfit choices out there that can be as beneficial. Contoured waists can make people appear svelte and fit, after all. 

These kinds of clothing pieces can be wonderful for people who want to accessorize. If you want your look to be involved and intricate, playsuits & jumpsuits can function as great foundations. If you want your look to be more minimalistic, on the other hand, they can function as equally effective foundations. These clothing items give people free rein. If you want your jumpsuit to look more dramatic and intense, you can take it to the next level with strategic scarf placement. If you want your jumpsuit to appear more low-key and relaxed, on the other hand, you can avoid accessorizing for the day or evening. 

Shop playsuits & jumpsuits from Esther https://www.esther.com.au/ because this can be convenient for individuals who wish to streamline their existences dramatically. It can take a lot out of anyone to have to pick bottoms and tops separately. If you go for a classic jumpsuit, however, that completely eliminates the need to have to go for a separate bottom or top. If you want to minimize your clothing selection time by half, then you should think about making jumpsuits a much bigger part of your closet. 

There are numerous guidelines that can aid people who are trying to shop for jumpsuits as well. Women who have sizable chests may want to pick jumpsuits that are reminiscent of blouses. These can be particularly tasteful. Women who have physiques that are reminiscent of pears may wish to prioritize jumpsuits that are equipped with legs that are broader. Petite gals may want to explore jumpsuits that have smaller outlines if at all possible. If you find a jumpsuit in a shop that you love, taking it in for professional alterations may be helpful. A few minor adjustments may lead to a jumpsuit that fits you like a glove. Try to find local tailors with unwavering and strong reputations. Try to find professionals who work with jumpsuits and similar outfits on a frequent basis if you can.

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Jumpsuits for women

Women nowadays have so many fashion choices accessible to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman who is a busy professional, a student or anything else. The fashion universe is always 100 percent open to you and to all of your objectives. Women these days regularly wear everything from business suits and dresses to jumpsuits and shorts. If you’re waiting for the greatest choices in jumpsuits for women, you’re definitely not alone. Jumpsuits for women have many loyal enthusiasts lately. Shopping for jumpsuits for women can be a pleasure for people who grasp precisely what they want. If you’re trying to pinpoint the greatest jumpsuits for women of the moment, then you should access the Internet without half a second of hesitation. 

Rompers and jumpsuits for women are having a moment. They’re for sale all over the Internet. They’re for sale all over shops and department stores that you can scour in person as well. If you go to Australia’s top department stores, you won’t be able to avoid rompers and jumpsuits of all styles. If you head to Australia’s top online shops, you won’t be able to dodge them at all, either. Shop rompers and jumpsuits at https://www.esther.com.au/collections/playsuits-jumpsuits are widely known across the board lately. Adults who are just beginning their careers frequently go for them. Adults who have been employed in their beloved industries for years and even decades frequently go for them as well. 

If you presently have your eye on jumpsuits for women, it can help substantially to make a list in advance. List all of the qualities you desire the most in jumpsuits. You may long for jumpsuits for women in certain colors. You may long for jumpsuits that have certain kinds of prints and patterns. You may even long for jumpsuits that are made using certain varieties of sturdy and powerful materials. You can easily happen upon jumpsuits that cover many diverse styles. There are jumpsuits that are totally devoid of straps. If you crave jumpsuits, shop playsuits and jumpsuits at https://www.esther.com.au/ that are a little more spirited, these may be up your alley. There are jumpsuits that have V-necks. These kinds of jumpsuits may be solid matches for people who wish to show off their graceful necklines. You can shop for rompers and jumpsuits that have tie waists, short sleeves, adorable bows, straight legs, wide legs, striped designs and square necks. These outfit options have the ability to please people who cherish choker necks, halters, polka dots, ruffles, kimono sleeves and even culottes. 

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to pay for top-notch jumpsuits. If you’re a discerning and prudent shopper, you should have no issues whatsoever. Getting jumpsuits for women is a job that can work out for individuals who can identify exactly what they want in this world. If you’re committed to the idea of buying a jumpsuit that can keep your attention for a long time, then you have to be completely aware of your specific style goals. Stylish people are goal-oriented and determined.

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Day Dresses Online

eThere are so many options accessible to women these days who want to dress in feminine and playful manners. If you’re a style-conscious gal who is all about laidback and cool style approaches, then you may want to look into your choices in day dresses. Day dresses have been getting a lot of attention in recent times. Why exactly are day dresses so popular right now? Day dresses, in a nutshell, encompass a wide array of style objectives for wearers. They’re comfortable, chic, lightweight and timeless all at the same time, after all. 

Shopping for Day Dresses Esther & Co is simpler than it’s ever been. If you want to get your hands on a dress that’s part of this classification, you can go online. You can visit the websites for boutiques and brands of all kinds. There are many expansive Internet retailers that stock brands of all types, too. If you want to purchase a dress that’s in line with your individual tastes, then you should explore choices in brands. There are brands that run the gamut nowadays. Some fashion brands focus on clothing styles that are contemporary, cool and sleek. There are others that focus on styles that are rustic and bohemian in feel. There are even plentiful brands that aim to accommodate people who are passionate about traditional approaches. The goal is to put your attention into brands that make sense with your lifestyle, preferences and more. 

Day dresses appeal to women of all age groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young adult who has just completed her education. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman who has been a mother for years and years, either. You can easily find dresses that suit your lifestyle and hopes. You can find dresses that have all kinds of fits, materials, patterns and colors. If you want to purchase a dress that’s in a modest and subtle color, there are plentiful options out there for you. If you want to purchase a dress, on the other hand, that’s a bit more striking and bright, there are just as many strong choices on hand for you to consider. You can find day dresses at https://www.esther.com.au/ in navy blue, black, grey, green, pink, red, off-white, cream and yellow. 

Day dresses don’t necessarily have to be expensive at all. If you have your eye on pieces that are affordable yet comfortable and attractive, you can find day dresses that fit into this category nicely. Put time into finding brands that manufacture day dresses that combine affordability and contemporary charm. It can also be a terrific idea to concentrate on online shops that have sales and bargains. Don’t forget to look for physical clothing shops, either. Brick and mortar boutiques often offer dresses that are reasonably priced. If you’re particularly detail-oriented and focused, you may be able to find dresses that are actually pretty inexpensive. Finding a dress that can make you smile doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be fun, swift and rewarding for patient and resourceful shoppers.

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Buying Dresses Online

Ways To Have A Good Experience Buying Dresses Online

Seek Out A Professional Tailor To Get Your Measurements

To increase the likelihood of having a good experience shopping for dresses online, visit a tailor to have your measurements taken. While some low-end formal garments aren’t tailored to fit, most mid-range and high-end dresses online will, in fact, require your measurements prior to ordering. Rather than following a shoddy guide online or reading a book about taking measurements, getting help from a professional tailor is a solid means of making sure you’ll have a good experience buying dresses online. 

Are you familiar with the saying, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime?” The idea behind the saying applies to your visit with a tailor, as well. Ask the tailor how to take your own measurements. Make sure to record what he tells you on paper, audio, or – best of all – video. 

Check Out Vendors’ Return Policies Thoroughly

The two major downsides to buying dresses online are that you won’t be able to try them on before purchasing them and you aren’t able to receive clothes the instant you pay for them. Not being able to try on dresses before buying them is a major issue, but not if the vendors you purchase Esther & Co Dresses Online from have well-trusted return policies. 

Make sure to read brands’ terms, conditions, and frequently asked questions prior to ordering dresses online. Also, reach out to clothiers directly just to make sure that your understanding of their policies is correct. 

Be Sure To Head For Reviews On Google, Bing, And Anywhere Else They Might Be Aggregated

Look for reviews regarding companies’ return policies and custom-made orders. Since you’re most likely looking for custom-fit dresses online as opposed to their pre-made counterparts, these reviews are the most relevant to your particular situation. Also look for reviews about how long returns, especially returns of tailored dresses and other formal fits, of online purchases take. 

Don’t be afraid to scour the Internet for hours in searching for reviews that are relevant to buying custom-fit dresses on the web! It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

See If You Can Check Out Similar Dresses In Person

Before going through with planned purchases of formal wear, see if any stores in your area have the styles of dresses online at https://www.esther.com.au/ you’re thinking about buying from the brands you want them from. You’ll feel better about your experience if you take time out of your busy week to go through with this last suggestion.

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