Tikiboo Kids

When my daughter Alexandra was born, I spent hours shopping for delightful clothes for her, only to discover that everyone else was dressing their little princesses in the same outfits.
I was also horrified at the ‘little grownup’ approach to children’s fashion that seemed to be everywhere – I believe our little ones’ precious childhood is short enough, and something to be cherished, not rushed through on the way to adolescence.
Tired of seeing the same things everywhere I went, I called on my mum Christine, Alexandra’s doting grandmother, to create something unique for our little ‘TikiBoo’.
We spent many hours lovingly creating original outfits, originally just for Alexandra. Christine applied 40 years experience designing and creating garments, from babies booties to wedding gowns, to the task. But we got so many comments and requests that when Christine retired in 2007, the long simmering idea for our own children’s designer fashion label, TikiBoo Kids, finally boiled over into reality.
TikiBoo is proudly 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured, and that’s the way it will stay.
If you are interested in becoming a retailer of TikiBoo Kids, please complete the Wholesale Accessapplication to gain access to our e-store and view our current range available.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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